Monday, March 8, 2010

Allison's 4 month check up

I took Allison to the doctor today for her 4 month check up.  She is 13lbs 13oz and 24 1/4" long! She is super healthy! The doctor laughed when I told her she had 3 teeth and she looked and said oh my she does!! The doctor said to go ahead and feed her more baby food if she wants it.  And at her 6 month check up we will try to start getting her off this expensive formula.  Alli did fine with the shots.  She didnt cry after the first one but the nurse took so long to finish the others! She is wearing 6 month clothes.  She has found her voice and loves to use it!! It is kinda odd how she sounds so much like Lauren.  We are going to keep on with the reflux meds for now.  Maybe at 6 months we can get off those as well.  She is pretty happy most the of time now.  She loves to stand up and can almost do it by herself! She loves to just look around and check the world out.  Finally she has pretty much stopped getting up in the middle of the night.  Like last night she woke up sort of and Jon moved her to the middle of her bed again and he thought for sure she was getting up.  So I got up made a bottle and when I went back in her room she was falling asleep again.  She just gets to a point in the bed where she can't roll over anymore and it wakes her up.  We still have our issues in the carseat but it is slowly getting better. 

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