Friday, March 19, 2010

Just random stuff

This first picture is from last week I think I sat Allison in the boppy to see if she would sit up and she did! It was like she was shocked herself in the picture! She is even better at it now!

Just a few pics of yesterday.  It was so warm we were able to pull out some spring/summer clothes.  The shirt she was wearing is actually a dress...or suppossed to be!! I tried a gymboree outfit today that is 6-12 and OMG it fits! It is a good thing I tried it on so I will know what size to buy at the consignment sale next weekend!

Then of course BUNNY EARS!! Allison didnt mind them at all!  And see the teether that Alli has in the last bunny pic.  She LOVEs that thing! Finally a teether
she likes!!

And the last picture I took and almost deleted until I saw those cute little rolls in her legs!! It is just adorable!!!!!!

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