Saturday, September 19, 2009


I decided to cook breakfast this morning and was going to try chocolate gravy. Just so happens I had Lauren get Jon out of bed to help me get it all ready and all of a sudden I saw alot of smoke on the stove so I got up and by the time I got there it was on FIRE!!! I was like JON we have FIRE! I didnt know what to do! He got some baking soda out of the fridge and put it out so it didnt ruin our breakfast! All I was thinking was OMG I still have time to get Lauren outside! Thank goodness Jon was in there. He is used to dealing with fires with his last job so it didnt freak him out like it did me!! lol!

So the chocolate gravy was good but Lauren would NOT try it! I will be glad when this phase is over with!! I knew better than to eat too much of it b/c it was sweet! But I am glad I tried it though. Jon really liked it.

We took some pics of the 3 almost 4 of us today. I figured we needed to try to get some since this may be the last wknd Jon is home before Allison arrives!! I would share but they arent the best I have ever done! It is something I can show Allison when she is older. I have learned my lesson with trying to do our own family pics. So I have a friend that will hopefully be able to do them for us once Allison gets here!

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*Kc* said...

OMG!! How scary!

Chocolate gravy sounds so! I would prob at least try it though. Can't wait to see your new pics.

oh and btw.. I HATE my double stroller! LOL! I actually loved it for a while, but Cami seems to be way to big for it. You might try a sit and stand.. I could see myself using one of those!