Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney on Ice

Disney of Ice came to town this weekend. I have wanted to take Lauren since I knew I was pregnant with her! It was amazing!!! My Mom got the tickets and she was going to go with us but she woke up sick this morning! On her birthday too! So Jon's Mom went with us. It was so great to watch Lauren light up and recongize the characters. We got Lauren all dressed up in her princess dress she wanted to wear. I am in no shape to be walking the stairs so we had an escort on the floor and then up to our seats which were two rows off the ice! I had contractions the entire time but it was worth it! I will just lay around tonight and tomorrow. Lauren wanted some popcorn and she ate like half of this huge box! It was a great show and I cant wait till the come back and I get to take both girls!!!! I will post the pics in another post here in a bit!!

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