Saturday, September 5, 2009

Delta Fair

Today we took Lauren to the Delta Fair. It was suppossed to have been nice and cool well it wasnt! It was HOT! I waddled around for a little bit but at one point I just had enough! So I sat in the nice cool car until they got finished riding some rides. That was the first thing Lauren said when we pulled up was "I want to ride the rollercoaster!" She wanted to ride all the rides! Most of them she wasnt tall enough for and Jon had to ride all of them with her except for one. She loved it though! The first picture is of them waiting in line for the ferris wheel.

Then Lauren wanted to do the tilt a whirl. Jon said she laughed the whole time and loved it. He was ready to get off of it though! We had just ate and he wasnt feeling so great!!!

This ride was a little rollercoaster and I did not think Jon was going to fit in the cart! He said he just barely did!
Lauren had a great time so it is worth my whole body hurting now!! lol! We just need to remember next year to save up to go here b/c man it was expensive!

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