Monday, September 28, 2009

Doc appt--36wks this week!!

This Wednesday I start my 9th month!!!!!! I am glad she didnt want to come early but I am really ready for her to be here now! I am sick of looking at all the tiny baby clothes and stuff and not using them!! So I had a doctor's appt today and I am no where near close! NOTHING! All this pain for NOTHINg! She said alot could change in a week though. I am thinking that I will schedule the c-section instead of just waiting to see if I go into labor. She said Allison is at a diagonal still but at least head down. She also said that they may do an ultrasound closer to my due date to see size and if she is like 8lbs then I may want to do a c-section anyway. From all I have read I am thinking that just going ahead and having another section is going to be best but we will see. I am not looking forward to these weekly doctor visits!

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