Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney on Ice pics!

This first pic Lauren was posing for me since I was using my Mom's new little point and shoot camera. I was afraid they wouldnt let me in with mine. I will say I am so used to my camera and having to adjust so many settings and what not that it took me several minutes to figure out just where the shutter button was on her camera!! It is a good little camera! I think I may need one to keep in my purse!!

This is right before we left to go. And the next pic we are there and she has her light up magic wand she picked out.

STanding in front of Belle's dress.

In front of Snow Whites dress!

Cinderella waving at all the little girls.

Show is starting!!

Sure wish I could have read the book on the camera first b/c I could have adjusted the settings to make some of these better.

Eating her popcorn while watching the show!

This fairy which was mother nature I think...I will have to ask Lauren! lol! Anyway the dress was so pretty!!!

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Tracy said...

I see SO much of your side of the family in her! She is so precious! I can't wait to see Allison! I love looking at your blog so keep the post coming! Always thinking of you guys!
tracy :)