Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been meaning to post these. 

Lauren 4 yrs old 40 1/2" tall and about 31 or 32lbs

Allison just had her 6 month check up friday and she is 15lbs 2oz and 26 1/2" long or 27.  The nurse first got 27 3/4" and said no let me check again and decided on 26 1/2".  Her check up was horrible b/c of the horrible doctor.  It wasnt our usual and we will never see him again.  Wouldn't have seen him if the chick would have told me he was going to be there to begin with.  Anyway I got no info about anything.  I am still thinking about going to a gastro ped to get some help with this reflux.  I keep thinking it is going to get better. 

Not sure what I am going to do when the whole separate anxiety kicks in all the way with Alli.  I can't leave the room as it is now!

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