Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sippy cup and wagon wheels!

I decided to give Allison another try at her sippy cup and some wagon wheels last night.  The child LOVED them both! I think she would have kept eating and drinking all night long! She did super well with the sippy cup this time.  I think it helps it has the soft spout on it.  I am still nervous giving her the wagon wheels but she will take a bite and chew it and did just fine with them.  I figure she has to learn sometime and bless her heart she wants to eat what we eat so bad! Maybe soon I will start giving her some things to try. 

I did a quick photo shoot today.  I gave Alli the pearl necklace and thought for sure she would put it in her mouth but she didnt even try! Didnt even mess with it while it was on her! Then when I took it off of her she played with that thing for the longest time! She LOVES to make noise with it.  I am going to try to dig up some of Lauren's photos at this age or close to it since she also had some pics done with the same tutu on.  They look so much alike!

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