Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lauren's 4th Birthday party!!

We celebrated Lauren's birthday yesterday.  I thought we were going to have to postpone it due to the nasty weather but despite the rain it turned out great! I woke up at 4:30am to tornado sirens and they contiuned to go off throughout the morning.  Nothing came really close to us though.  It has rained so much that alot of places are flooded.  Thankfully the rain stopped and Jon and I decided to go ahead with the party.  We bought a bouncy house and put it in our upstairs room and it worked GREAT! All the kids loved it! We gave Lauren her big girl bike in the morning and she rode it in the house all day.  We just went for a walk and she rode her bike and she did really well.  She did fall over once but she had all her protective gear on so she is fine.  Once everyone got to the party the kids bounced for a bit and then they decided it was time for cake.  I was so shocked Lauren didn't want to open her presents first.  So we did cake and ice cream and then opened her presents.  Lauren wanted me to make the cake and cupcakes so I did.  She chose all the colors for it and helped me decorate it on Friday.  Then when it came time to open presents you would think she would rip through them but nope.  She took her time and still stops after everyone she opens and studies it! I thought by now she would be over that but she takes her sweet time! I had found a motorcycle shirt for her and I thought she would love it b/c she has said many times she wants a shirt like Daddy's.  Of course he has many of them but when she opened it up she said "It isnt pink...this is a boy shirt" so that shirt is going back.  LOL! Oh well I tried! Allison got her some make-up and she really likes that! We have already put some on today! After presents the kids bounced some more and then I remember about the pinata so they did that.  It was a pull pinata but Jon insisted they all hit it.  It took Jon hitting it to break it.  That is really what he wanted to do in the first place! The kids ate some candy and then more bouncing! I am telling you that just might be the best purchase we have made! I figued it will come in handy with Allison's birthday being in Oct and you never know what the weather will be like then.  Lauren said she had a GREAT birthday and she was so happy.  So that made Jon and I very happy! I will post pictures soon.  I mostly took video.   

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