Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauren's end of school year program and picnic

Today was Lauren's last day of school.  They had a little program where the 3 year olds sang a few songs and then later we all had a picnic together.   This was actually taken on tuesday while Lauren was at school then.  I was putting up her clothes and Allison was playing in her room! Allison did GREAT this morning during the singing.  She is a really good baby as long as she is feed and not tired! lol! Sadly I can not tell you what songs they sang! I couldnt understand them very good and they werent your normal songs.  I guess that is good though.  Lauren really didnt seem to be all that into it.  Of course she was the only girl in her class that wasnt wearing a dress.  I wasnt thinking about the singing I was thinking about the playing afterwards so I went with pants.  I will know better next year! Lauren was more excited about Jon coming to the picnic than anything.  I am glad he was able to take off work for a few hours to be there with us.  Having some lunch!Allison had a great time too! When I asked Lauren to move over so I could put Alli down on the blanket she told me no I want you to leave her in the stroller.  Lauren is going to be in some shock when Alli starts crawling.  Which wont be long since she is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth!

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