Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pictures, lunch, birthday party, and some visting

Yesterday was a super busy day for all of us! Lauren was invited to her cousins birthday party or great cousin I guess.  Jackson was turning 4.  Jon and I decided to just make a day of it since it has been so long since we have been to wynne.  We got some family pics done first thing by Courtney.  Then we ate lunch at my favorite place and Allison did SOOOO GREAT! Allison was good all day but Lauren...not so much! lol! Alli first slept all the way down there and then go up and did great for the pictures then she really enjoyed eating at the resturant.  She just looked at everyone and ate her food and played.  Lauren was crabby and would not cooperate for pictures or through lunch! I guess it is just too much to ask for both of them to be great! lol! I think if my parents would have been at the house when we got there she would have done better b/c she wanted them to be there.  They didnt get back from vacation till about 4 so we stayed in town longer to see them.  We got to the birthday party and Lauren was being all shy which is odd for her! She warmed up pretty fast though.  They had a big blow up water slide and oh my all the kids loved it! I was taking care of Alli so Jon had the camera and well we got one picture at least! Alli started to get fussy since she was tired so we left the party sooner than what Lauren wanted and as soon as we got in the car Alli was asleep! She slept for two hours on Nana's couch.  I was afraid to put her in the crib b/c I did not want her to wake up and be cranky.  Once she got up she ate and I should have given her a bottle before we left b/c she screamed all the way home! We stopped to get gas in west memphis and I gave her some of the bottle but it didnt help much.  We got home and got the girls ready for bed and finally we got to rest! It is great that everytime we take Alli somewhere everyone is always commenting on how happy she is.  She just doesnt like to be at home and me have to do something other than play with her!! It is a great feeling to both Jon and me that we can take her somewhere and her be happy and have a good time.  We both really need to start getting out the house!!!

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