Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauren's report card

They send home report cards back in Jan and now.  Back in Jan she needed to work on recongizing her name which was crazy b/c she could write it then also but you know how it is with kids.  Also she needed to work on the days of the week and plede of allegiance. But for her report card now she got excellent on them all! Except the days of the week it said just satisfactory.  I just never think to go over then with her.  So I will try to start doing that.  Back in Jan they were working it said she could count to 1-10 but had trouble reconizing a few.  Now she can count to 20 and reconizes them all!! They didnt even teach them how to count to 20! I am so proud of Lauren!

They also did this sheet called "all about me" at the very first of the school year they had to fill it out for her b/c she couldnt or wouldnt write her name.  She said her hair was brown, eyes are brown, she is a girl, she was 3.  She was 39" tall and 31lbs then.  Her favorite color was all colors.  Her favorite food was all food.  Her favorite toy is a dollhouse.  And her favorite thing to do with her family was playing inside with her animals.  This was back in Aug, 2009. 

Now they did this earlier this month and it came out like this.  She wrote her name, Hair still brown (I asked her about this and told her that her hair is actually blond) eyes brown. 4yrs old.  She is 41" tall and 33lbs.  Favorite color is purple. Favorite food is popcorn, corndogs, and chicken nuggets.  Favorite toy is her yo-yo. ( ?? not sure why she said this was her favorite!) And her favorite thing to do with her family is playing cars.  Still not sure why on this one! lol! They also sent home several pictures they had took throughout the year.  She looked so tiny and babyish at the begining of the year and now such a big girl.  Not sure if it is because we have another baby now or what. 

She has learned so much from going to school and I think I made the right choice of schools and sending her.  It is sad that it won't be like it was for me growing up.  I started preschool and graduated high school with most of the same people.  Lauren may never see these kids again.  Either way she is great at making new friends so she will have no problem at all!!

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