Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lauren's birthday trip to the zoo!

Yesterday was Lauren's actually birthday.  Jon took off work and we all went the zoo.  Allison stayed at home with my Mom to make our trip more enjoyable.  We all had a great time! I didnt take too many pics b/c I had the big camera with me and I normally take alot of pictures of the animals.  Then I get home and wonder why in the world I did it so I just got a few.  Next time I will just take the small camera with us.  Lauren and me riding the train.  This cost $4! None of the animals were out.  I thought it was a waste!Lauren said it was just ok! lol! This huge sucker she wanted! At the sea lion show. At home having her birthday cupcake! Nana sang happy birthday to her and in the process Lauren almost got her hair on fire b/c she wasnt paying attention.  It sparked a little!!She said she had a great birthday! Before we left to the go the zoo, Angie our neighbor came over and got Lauren a microphone on a stand! OMG she loves it! I have to super cute video to post soon!It is hard to believe my little girl is 4 already! Time has flown by! She is becoming more and more opionated by the day! Dont have a clue where that comes from! There isnt anything she isnt good at! It is exciting to see her learn new things everyday! She is such a sweetheart.  People are just drawn to her! She has yet to meet a stranger!!

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