Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is this a new baby??

All day long Allison has been soooo happy and content! She has only cried a few times and it was b/c she wanted something or was fighting her sleep. I started her on the Similac Alimutin (sp?) or whatever that is called I started her on it yesterday evening and today she has been so different. She hasnt ate as much as I would like her to eat today but I am sure that will change. I hope I found the right stuff for her. I started with the zantac again since she started spitting up again. I think she does have reflux and a protein allergy or just a very sensitive tummy. This will all make for a "colic" baby I have read. I also learned today from Allison that she HATES to have something on her head. I never thought too much about it when I put her hat on her and put her in the carseat but it was cold in the house today and right after her bath I put a warm outfit on her and it had a cute little bunny hood. So I was going to get a pic with it on. But Alli hated it! She would fuss and then I would take it off and she was fine then put it back on and fuss again!! She doesnt even like me putting the hood of the towel on her head after a bath. I just thought she was cold! So there goes my idea of ordering the girls cute matching hats! I sure hope she doesnt mind wearing a headband or a bow soon. The headband I have is still too big for her. I hate seeing her hurt and I feel like I am not doing something right when she is in pain. I mean I am the one that is suppossed to take care of her and make her feel good so I hope we have found the right stuff for her! I do think she needs another reflux med. We have her two month appt tomorrow and shots that I am NOT looking forward to. But if it does snow then we may have to put that off!

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