Friday, January 22, 2010

3 months old and a TOOTH!

Allison is 3 months old today!! And she cut her first tooth!!!! I can't believe it! I thought surely not but sure enough I felt it and it is a tooth! Bless her heart that is why she has been so fussy all week! I feel so bad that I didnt give her any tylenol or teething tablets. I just thought it was her stomach. She is rolling over and Jon and I think she giggled or at least she is working on it! It is so funny to hear her do it. Of course there hasnt been much of that or smiling this week since she has been hurting. She is just growing way too fast!!!

Since she HATES the carseat my Mom came over yesterday and took Lauren to school so I didnt have to get Allison out. I got Lauren her big girl carseat that will last until she is out of a carseat so I am hoping that Lauren's old one will work for Allison now. It just depends on if Alli is tall enough yet.

Lauren spelled her name this morning without looking at her name!! I am so proud of her!

I wanted to get lots of pics today but it hasnt worked out that way. Allison only tolerated it for a few pics. I will post soon!!

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