Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last night at 3:30am Allison woke up and I went in there to turn her over and she is already turned over just smiling at me! I couldnt help but laugh! I am glad she is rolling over and all that but it is no good she wakes herself up doing it!! This afternoon I wanted to see her do it so I put her down and I looked up at the tv for a second and I looked back at her and wouldnt you know it she is looking up at me!! She did it so fast! So I tried again and I was able to see her do it! I tried to get it on video but both times I tried she starting fussing so I turned the camera off and then of course she rolled over!! I quickly remember at 3:30 this morning that Lauren would do the same thing. Her sleep patterns would always be screwed up for a few days when she learned something new or was in a growth spurt. So I guess I had better get ready for a few more sleepless nights soon!! I really prefer her only waking up once at night!!!

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