Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walking with a walker and my child did what!

I have been busy and forgot to post these! I have a video to upload soon of Allison walking with her stroller push walker toy.  She is getting really good at it.  She started playing with it last weekend.  She still gets to going a little fast and falls but she just laughs.  This morning I sat her down after breakfast and she stood there by herself for a few seconds until she realized what she was doing!

This past week Lauren and I went to sign up for dance and I needed to get some groceries afterwards.  Lauren didnt want to go in the first place and was being whiney.  We have really had some problems with her attitude lately.  So she was acting up in the store to being with.  She wanted to push the cart and started running with it and about knocked over a display! Then I got on to her and she was just barely pushing it so I made her stop and I started pushing it and then she runs out in front of the cart! Then we are at the check out and I am unloading the groceries and I see she has a little book and I tell her to put it up next thing I see is her pulling her shirt down and I knew she had put it in her shorts!!!!!! OMG I was sooo mad! I told her to take it out and put it up.  We got in the car and I explained to her why it was wrong to do what she did.  No tv, games, or leapster all night! Jon talked to her about it and was asking her why she did it and she said oh I got confused.  Then she started ignoring him and well that ended up in a spanking.  I am just not sure what to do with this child! I dont know if this is her acting out due to Allison or her age but I am so over it! She even screamed for the longest time just because we wanted her to eat a carrot or a piece of corn!!!

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