Friday, August 20, 2010

Dance starts again!

Lauren started dance again yesterday! I actually forgot to get a picture of her! She has the same teacher as she did in the summer but just all new classmates.  She said she had a good time yesterday!

Maybe changing preschool classrooms! I got a letter in yesterday from the preschool saying they are changing Lauren to another classroom.  I am actually waiting right now to see if she will stay in the room she has already been to once or the new one.  If it is the new one there will only be one other little girl in the room she knows.  The preschool really screwed up something this year when it came to putting kids in the classes appartently!

Allison is "talking" up a storm now! She still prefers to say mamamama!! But we have been working with her on saying dada.  Jon says he thinks she has said it a few times.  Allison has still been getting up once everynight.  We might have two days a week I dont have to get up with her.  I really dislike being woke up! I sure hope she grows of it soon!

The girls were playing with the keyboard and microphone and I thought for sure it was Lauren making noises into the microphone but it was Allison! They sound so much alike!

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