Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top tooth day!

I knew Alli had been drooling and chewing like crazy and yesterday she started grinding her teeth together.  As I was telling Jon I thought how is she grinding her teeth without any top teeth! Jon said he thought he saw a tooth.  I had seen the looks of it starting to but didnt think it had but it has almost broke all the way through! I thought to myself I should get more pics of the Girls playing together and just together in general.  So I started snapping pics.  Well Allison really LOVES my camera.  I think it is hte colorful camera strap.  She makes a beeline for me everytime I get it out! So I was trying to keep her far enough away from me to get a picture and try to Lauren in the pic.  Well Allison kept crawling away from Lauren! So we moved to the chair for a quick second. 

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