Monday, August 23, 2010

Allison is 10 months and Lauren gets a mani/pedi!

Yesterday Allison turned 10 months! Time to start thinking about her first birthday party! I am hoping to do some outdoor pics this week.  We will see how it works out! Allison is all over the place! She has gotten to where she will start crawling really fast and just keep her head down.  I am afraid she is going to run into something! She is now "talking" up a storm! She did say Dada this morning!! She still hasnt realized that if she wants to stand up alone she can.  It is amazing at how she can entertain herself.  She loves her toys! And Lauren's toys!!

Yesterday Mom came over and we did some shopping.  We also went and got pedicures and we picked up Lauren and let her get her nails and toenails painted!!

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