Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Park, First day of Preschool, dragon friends, and shoelaces!

The weather has cooled down enough to at least go outside in the early morning so off to the park we went Monday.  Allison as you can see had the teether in her mouth the entire time! The second top tooth is breaking through.

I have a video of this of Allison doing so good walking with Daddy's help!

Here is Lauren before school this morning!! Her class has almost all of the kids from last year in it! She was so excited! I think her teachers are going to be great this year also.  For me it really makes me happy she has kids she already knows in the classroom.  I grew up with always knowing kids in my classrooms and next year it is going to be a whole new world for Lauren. 

A few months ago Jon took Lauren to see the movie how to train a dragon.  Ever since then Lauren says that her dragon friends are coming over.  These dragon friends go with us everywhere!! Little things like these is what I want to make sure I write down so she can read it later.  I know I wont remember it if I dont write it down. 

Allison was holding onto Jon's shoelaces this afternoon just standing there.  And as soon as I was telling Jon to look down at her she realized oh I am standing without holding onto anything.  She dropped the shoelaces and she fell down!

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