Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I tried to get some good pics, pool, and pizza

With this heat outside pics just arent happening right now! So I decided to try for some inside in the play room.  Well Allison is moving so much and so busy by the time I got ready to take the picture she was off and crawling! Lauren didnt want to smile.  So I got the puffs out and that kept Alli still long enough for a few but it still isnt what I want.  I may try again soon.  I was wore out from the little photoshoot that only last about 20 mins!

We got a free pool from a family members friend.  It is tough since Jon can't do anything but I knew Lauren was excited and wanted to swim so me, my Dad, and Terrell did all we could to get this thing up and running.  After moving it and filling it up with water twice it still isnt right!! It is very large with the pump and goodies.  The ground still isnt level enough so it is still messed up and the hose has a leak in it.  I guess we just arent meant to have a pool right now! :)

Saturday Lauren was with Mimi and Pawpaw and Jon and I have been feeling couped up in this house so we decided to go out for lunch.  We went to a pizza buffet place and Allison had her first piece of cheese pizza.  She ate all of it! Then some watermelon and ice cream! She had a really good time watching all the people around here.  It was a very nice relaxing lunch! It is great now we can go places and not worry so much about Alli screaming the entire time!!

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