Sunday, December 27, 2009

more pics

Look at my pretty girl!
Allison with Pops (my Dad). Jon actually was playing with my camera and took this one and a few others! My big bad new camera! I also got a little Kodak point and shoot camera so now I have a camera for all my needs! If I have my hands free then I will never miss another photo opportunity ever!!

Allison sleeping in her crib!! She slept so good! And as I type this she is sleeping in there again. I still want her in our room but I think she likes the more room. I put up her bassinet today since she hasnt sleep in that in weeks. We still have the pack n play bassinet up though. We will see what she wants to do for tonight if she wants to sleep in her crib or what. I got her this sleepy time sheep for christmas and she seems to really like it. I also got her this fisher price doll that is a fairy and it is so cute I will see if I cant find a picture of it but she loves the thing! Everytime I show it to her she just smiles and bats at it to make it rattle!

The Girls on Christmas eve.

Lauren trying out her new roller skates!! She loves them!

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