Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lauren's School Christmas Program

I had to add these two cute pics of Allison in a new outfit and hat that was given to us. The hat is sooo soft! She feel asleep shortly after this. Maybe the hat made her all warm and cozy!

Lauren had her first preschool christmas program friday night. She was so excited about it all day long. She kept telling me I am going to dance and sing tonight! They sang several songs and Lauren did great! You will see in one pic she is frowning I think this is when she was looking for Jon. He moved with the video camera to get a better view of her. It was a good thing the school had a background tape going with some of the songs b/c otherwise no one would have been singing!! lol! It was really sweet to see her up there. At the same time it makes me sad b/c she is growing up. She loves to sing so she had a great time up there! On the way to the program she kept singing 99 ants on the wall. And I mean she was saying "99 ants on the wall" over and over again!

Hey Momma, Daddy, Pops, and Uncle Jeff!

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