Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas around here was great! It was rough at the same time. It would have been so much better with Scott there.

We started Christmas eve with Jon's side of the family. I forgot my camera but I wouldnt have been able to get many pics anyway. Allison was so fussy and just had way to much. She is just too young to be going all over the place and be around so many people. She was on major melt down both days for the most part. She get overstimulated very easily so all these folks talking to her and in her face just didnt work. Funny how a crying baby will run everyone off!! lol! It is such a fine line with her between enough and way too much. Doesnt help she HATES to ride in a car! And she still has horrible gas that bothers her alot. She has slept for most of the day today. A good amount of the day she slept in crib! I am so not ready to put her in there at night! Christmas morning Allison was up at 8:30 and Lauren still wasnt up! So Allison and I went in there and woke her up. Once I said dont you want to see what Santa brought you she jumped out of the bed! I have never seen an child be so slow at unwrapping presents. She opens it and looks it over and wants to open it right then! It took awhile for her to open hers and Allison's gifts. Lauren's favorite by far is her Zhu Zhu or zooy pet she calls it! We played around here for a bit and then headed to my parents house for the rest of the day.

Today Lauren and I spent all day long taking toys out of their packages and sorting things all out. I didnt even get to Allison's toys yet! My house is a wreck and I am so ready to get all this christmas decorations and tree put up!

OH I had the BEST surprise on christmas morning. Jon got me a D90!! I have been wanting one since they came out and just really didnt think we would ever be able to afford one. In all the years we have been together he has never surprised me with a gift. I have always told him what I wanted and half the time I even order it or buy it. He got me good this year! I was really afraid he was going to buy me a toaster! lol!

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