Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lauren's Christmas party and Allison is two months old!

Allison is two months old today! I also had to put all the newborn size clothes up today. And I can't help but be sad about it. It is so funny how one week something doesnt fit and the next it fits great! Lauren is even outgrowing her 3t shirts! Somehow that always happens. In the middle of the season she outgrows a size! Allison is doing fairly well with sleeping at night. We get a good 6 hours usually. Allison is a smiley girl when she is feed and happy! The gas still bothers her so sometimes it gets pretty loud at our house!! Lauren will sometimes say "Allison always cries" and somedays it does feel like that. It is getting better though. She loves her pacifier when she is sleepy. I said I would never use one with my kids but I dont think I could live without it either!!

Lauren had her preschool chistmas party on tuesday and I was able to go since my Mom came over and watched Allison. It was great to be able to go up there. Lauren was really excited about it. The first pic it at the preschool they had all sorts of lights set up. I didnt get a very good pic since there was so many people walking through it.

LOOK she is eating pizza! And she ate it ALL! She will NOT eat pizza when we get it at home!?

Just a few of Allison I took this morning. She wasnt much into pics so I only got these. I may try tomorrow for some more. I was working so hard to get her to smile and well she just wasnt having it!!

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