Thursday, December 3, 2009

Allison is 6 wks old!

6 wks already! Time has flown by! She has slept through the night twice now! She is starting to smile also. I think she is getting ready for another growth spurt because she has started eating more. She drinks 4 oz but has had 5 oz twice so far. I have some pics to post but yet again for some reason I am unable to upload them here!?

Not too much else is really going on since Lauren and I have been sick. I have a ear and sinus infection. So not alot of fun things go on when you are sick! Allison has a stuffy/snotty nose and I sure hope that is all it is. I went and got one of those automatic booger suckers and OMG it is GREAT! She doesnt mind it at all and it gets all the snot out so much better than the regular bulbs.

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