Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our first outing

Here is Lauren before school this morning. She looked so cute! I got her dressed and I asked her if she wanted to get a picture and she said "Yeah sure Mom let's go take a picture"! When I picked her up from school her knee socks were pulled down. She said they bothered her!

Here is Allison sleeping in her most favorite position! I almost thinking of just sleeping on the couch at night b/c she sleeps so much better or her tummy!
Jon took Lauren to school this morning and I got Allison and me ready for the day. I decided it was time to make a trip to Target. I wanted to look for a black shirt for me for our family pics this weekend. Allison did great! Slept the entire time! Then we ran to Babies r us b/c Target didnt have tights for the girls so when it was time to get back in the truck I couldnt get the carseat off the stroller!! I was about to really freak out since it was chilly and we had to go get Lauren! I am not sure what was going on but I got it off finally!
When we picked up Lauren from school I asked her if she wanted to go get a happy meal. She said yes then she says but I dont want pickles on it, or mustard, or that black stuff. I said you mean the hamburger! She said yeah I dont want that on it!! BUT she actually ate half of it so she must have liked it!!
Lauren has had a cold for like two wks now and last night when Allison got up at midnight I knew I had it too! I have almost lost my voice today b/c of the drainage. I just hope Allison doesnt get it!
OH the other day I was changing Allison and Lauren was getting me a new diaper. Allison "talked" a little and Lauren asked what she was doing and I told her that was her way of talking. Lauren says I didnt know she knew spanish!!!

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