Friday, November 27, 2009

Got a smile at 5 wks!

I think I got a real smile today from Allison!! I went to go pick her up and tell her good morning and she gave me back the biggest cutest smile ever!! I tried to get another one and get a picture but she was ready to eat. Hopefully I can get one on camera soon! She turned 5 wks old yesterday! I have a few pics to share but for some reason I cant get them to upload right now. Last night I changed Allison into pjs and when I was putting them on I thought it was odd I could hardly get her leg in them. Then when I picked her up I realized it was too small! She couldnt stretch her leg out at all! Her foot was so stuffed in it also!! lol! So looks like she is out of the newborn size. Problem is I thought for sure I had plenty of clothes for her but I only have like 3 sleepers for her in the next size. Most of them are outfits so I will make a trip out this weekend or next week and get her some pjs that fit. I am not sure why I thought I had enough clothes for and I also thought I had enough diapers. We went through them so fast it wasnt even funny! You would have thought I never had a kid!! Just not sure what I was thinking!! lol!

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