Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 weeks old!

Allison is 3 wks old today! I have some pics to upload later. I think we have finally got our formula issues under control. She is still a bit gassy but she doesnt seem to be hurting like she was. I am still pumping but it just isnt enough for her. Lauren is still doing great with her. No real jealousy issues as of yet. Allison has grown out of all the preemie clothes and the newborn size is small in the feet! So I give it another week and we will be out of all the newborn size also. Her cord fell off yesterday but then I realized there is still a bit left at the base of her belly button so hopefully in just a few days that will be gone. She does not like bath time right now so I am hoping once she gets a real bath she will like it more. She also does not like to ride in the car! I took Lauren to school this morning and Allison cried almost the whole way home! Allison doesnt like to change clothes either. This girl just prefers to not be messed with!! lol! I have always been told most people have one easy child and one hard one. Well Lauren seems to have been my easy one at this point!!

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