Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just random things

Yesterday it got pretty warm and Allison was sleeping but she felt too hot so I thought I would change her into a little dress b/c I thought that might fit her. All the short sleeve onesies we have are huge on her so a dress was my only option. It did fit her ok but she was MAD I moved her and woke her up. I thought I could do it without her waking up but nope! She didnt care for the dress either! I didnt so much either after trying to feed her with it on. It was just too much! So then I tried to put on one of the preemie outfits on her since the sleeves are shorter on her but I think she had grown longer b/c I couldnt get it on her!! She was not about to bend her leg! So more screaming went on until I put her back in what she had on at first and put her in the swing and back to sleep she went! Allison does not like to be woke up! I dont blame her!!

Allison has these few really long hairs on her little head. It is so cute! I am just excited she has hair at all!!

The poor thing is so gassy lately. I changed her formula but like yesterday she had mostly breastmilk and that didnt help her. I feel so bad for her she is hurting and nothing seems to help.

I think that Allison is waking up Lauren at night when she cries. Lauren doesnt get up but I did hear her in there moving around when I was up feeding Allison last night. Lauren has been cranky latley. I dont know if it is the on coming of a cold or just tired. I ask her if we woke her up and she keeps saying no. I think it is just enough to screw up her sleep cycle though.

Lauren has gotten really bad at telling lies! We told her no more cookies last night and she snuck them to our room anyway and Jon caught her! She then told him I opened the cookies for her!!! When she knew that wasnt the case!! Needless to say she was put right to bed!

If I am talking to Allison, Lauren will say "Mom she is a baby she can't talk!"

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