Monday, November 9, 2009

Great weekend!

The first pic I took yesterday. I had their shirts made and I wanted to be sure I got a pic with them both wearing them. Lauren is outgrowing hers so I wanted to get it done. It was my birthday yesterday and I had the sweetest birthday cards from Jon and the Girls when I woke up. It was a great day. Lauren wanted to take back her card though. She wanted it to be her birthday card!

Then on Saturday it was so nice outside and Jon was home so since I havent been able to play with Lauren like we used to I wanted just her and me to go the park and take some pics and play! We had a great time. I am so rusty with my photography skills and it was noon so terrible time for pics but I still got some I wanted to keep. It was more about us being together more than anything. It was great to be able to play with her again like we used to!!

As of today Allison can wear 0-3 months size and it isnt huge on her! I knew she would grow fast but I had to put the preemie stuff up!! I think the outfit she has on just runs a bit small.

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Tracy said...

Lauren is so precious! You take the cutest pics of both your girls! I will be calling you on day to take pics of my future children!