Friday, November 20, 2009

Allison is a month old!

Allison is now a month old! So yesterday we did some pictures. I had a big plan but of course Jon was at work for one and two as soon as I was ready to take them Allison decided it was time to eat and then sleep. So Lauren and I did a few just us and then later Allison woke up so we got a few. To me just overnite it is as if Allison has grown! I sure wish we would get her formula figured out so she wouldnt be in so much pain from the gas. We are all pretty tired around here but I know in a couple of months it will be better. Lauren is still doing awesome with being a big sister! She is always ready to help and has recently started to ask to feed Allison. I told her she would be able to do that in a few months.

I feel like I am enjoying Allison more than I did Lauren at this age. I think it is b/c I was so nervous and scared with Lauren and with Allison I can just enjoy her. I want to enjoy her to the fullest since she will be my last baby.

I took Allison to her one month check up today and she is 8lbs 5oz and 21" long! She is growing fast! Basically the doctor said she will grow out of her gassiness and whatnot. Still doesnt help when she is hurting! I thought that Allison was grunting she has made the noise since birth but I still wondered if it was normal or if she was hurting. Well it is just Allison! lol! The doctor said that is her cooing. Who knew! lol! So she is just perfect...just gassy!!

It has only been a month and it really feels like Allison has been here alot longer! I guess that is what happens when you don't get much sleep, the days seem to just all go together. It feels like our family is complete now with Allison here.

Doesnt she look so cute here! It is almost a smile!

taking a nap in her crib for the first time

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