Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin carving

This year the pumpkin carving almost did not happen. With Allison being born this have just been busy around here. Finally we had a moment to do them. It started out we had 3 pumpkins. One was a tiny one that Lauren has painted with her markers...and LOST! I can not find that thing anywhere as of yet! Then we had a big pumpkin well it was rotten so that wasnt going to work. Lauren had picked out a smaller one also. It was the one that we carved. Just like last year Lauren did not want to stick her hand in the pumpkin to clean it out. Which means Jon is the one that did it all! It wasnt anything fancy this year but that is ok. I dont think I even have to put anything beside the pics b/c I think you can imagine what is coming from her mouth by the way she looks!! lol!

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