Saturday, October 24, 2009

Allison Reese is HERE!!!

Jon and I had to be at the hospital on Thrusday the 22nd at 6:30 in the morning! Only to wait for an hour b/c of the weather and short staff! I was so nervous! Finally we got checked in and of course the money part was first and then they got me back only to make me be by myself for a bit while they got me prepped and OMG you should not do that to a person! So finally Jon got back there with me and I felt much better! We were scheduled to begin the section at 8:30 but we were a bit late. It took 3o mins for the anesthlogist to get my spinal to work. I was getting freaked out and afraid they were going to put me to sleep! He told me I was a pretty skinny girl but he had to put the needle in deep like I was a fat girl!! I wasnt sure what to say to that!! lol! Then finally Jon was let in the OR and they began. They pulled her out and Jon looked at Allison but she wasnt crying which worried me but then I saw her and she was moving and all. I was confused as to what was going on. Come to find out she had took a breath too soon and swallowed alot of the fluid. So they sucked her out forever and decided to take her to the nursery to watch her and get it all out. So I was in recovery without my baby and I was so upset but Jon was able to go check on her several times and she was fine. I had to stay in recovery until I could feel my legs somewhat. That turned into 4 hours!!! I was soo ready to get to my room. My bp was still up of course! Finally we were up in a room and I had my Allison in my arms!! I felt much better! She seemed to be nursing well but then that turned to her not nursing at all on one side and now I am hurting so bad on the other b/c she didnt latch good! I am not to worried about that though. Bottle fed is just fine! So Lauren and everyone was able to meet Allison.

The first night was pretty rough! Allison was up all night long! She does not like to be laid on her back in that hospital bed. The next day Allison of course slept alot and last night it wasnt so bad. I gave her some formula and bless her heart she was so hungry! She had a really bad spit up like coming out of her nose b/c she ate so fast and we didnt burp her soon enough. Then she had another bottle later and threw it all up! Finally I figured out to burp her every 1/2 oz to slow down. So we will see how it goes tonight. Maybe my milk will come in and the breastfeeding will get easier but either way it is fine.

OH Allison weighed 6lbs 10 oz and 19 1/2" long! They weighed her last night and she was 6lbs 3 oz. We go to the doctor on Monday for a weight check.

Lauren saw her the first time and said Allison was so cute and could we take her home. We got home today around noon and Lauren has been great with her. She held her for a bit and that was it. When I gave Allison a bath she sang to her and that really helped!

I am sure I am forgetting some things but put together the pain meds and being tired I am bound to miss or forget something!! I will do another post with pics at another time.

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Tracy said...

Kelly I am so glad that everything went well! I was curious as to how Lauren would do but glad she likes her baby sister! Hope the breastfeeding gets better but if not it isn't the end of the world. Rhonda tried and tried for 2 weeks and her milk never came in...Baby Allison is beautiful! I know your brother is watching down on you all! I love you blog so I can keep up with how things are going with ya'll! Keep the posts coming! Thinking of you guys!

Tracy :)