Sunday, October 25, 2009

Allison is so strong!

To be such a tiny baby girl she is sooo strong! She already will hold her head up and roll is from side to side! And if she does not want to nurse she will push with both of her hands to say NO!! She also grabbed onto my finger while feeding her a bottle so I would not take the bottle away from her before she was ready! I know Jon said right after she was born she was in the nursey just a kicking and carrying on. Bless her heart she was excited she finally had room to move around!!

Lauren is doing great so far with Allison. She didnt wake up last night when Allison did. When I gave Allison a bath Lauren pulled up a chair and sang to her and showed her the toys and it really helped. Allison likes to hear and look at Lauren. It is so sweet!

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