Monday, October 12, 2009

On bedrest!

I went to my check up this morning and I knew it was coming since my bp went so high last night. It was high again this morning so I am now on bedrest until Thrusday. Then I go in and they will do an ultrasound and see how the bp is doing then. If it is still up then we may just go ahead and have Allison! When I said to the doctor let's just have her this week she said yeah looks like that is what we need to do. I hope we do! I dont want to get worse. The ultrasound will tell us how big Allison is and see how she is doing with my bp being high. At first the doctor was like she is going to be a good size then she felt of her again and said that no she wasnt HUGE b/c it was alot of fluid around her. So as I have been laying around all day so far I have figured out I get more tired! I guess napping alot isnt a bad thing since there wont be much sleep once Allison is here!!

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The Lovells said...

i hope you are feeling alright, and i hope everything goes well for you and Allison. It is so exciting--you are so close!! can't wait for pictures.