Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lauren goes to the circus!

The circus was in town so Jon's parents took Lauren last night. She had a great time! They brought her home and she was asleep! She was wore out from school and the circus. She was able to ride a pony at the circus! She told me all about it this morning when she got up. Something about a clown and his little dog and the elephants.

Well she woke up about an hour after she was home and got up went to the bathroom and started singing in her room. Then she came out holding a knob to one of her drawers and said "Daddy I broke my drawer. I am cleaning come fix it!" So Jon goes in there and he said she was wiping down the night stand and had her broom out!!! lol! She didnt get that from me for sure!! I have no idea why she thought she needed to do that then! Sounds like my Mom up at 4am cleaning!

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