Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 days old and Lauren's school halloween party

Allison is a week old now! I am so glad she is finally here and we are working on some sort of routine. Everyday Allison is looking more and more like Lauren. I need to show comparison pics on here. I showed Jon a picture of Lauren and he wasnt sure which one it was!! We are tired around here but that is expected. Jon is going back to work tomorrow. If we could figure out how to get Allison to sleep between 10 and 2 at night we woud be good. Once she finally decides to settle and sleep she will sleep for 4 hrs and it is great! If she does the wake up and snack thing during the day it is just easier to deal with of course. Yesterday she was awake most of the day so I thought for sure she would be ready for bed. It is so great to watch Lauren and Allison together. Lauren wants to hold her, sing to her, and talk to her. Lauren is a huge help. I sure hope it stays that way!! Lauren will tell Allison "hey Allison I am Lauren your big sister"!! It just brings tears to my eyes.

Everyone kept telling me I wouldnt need preemie clothes...well we need preemie clothes! I knew I would need some! Allison is just tiny. The newborn stuff is just huge on her! I hate grabbing clothes not baby. It cant be comfy for her either. So we have a 4 preemie sleepers and on the look out for more. Not sure why it is hard to find them. I sent Jon out yesterday to look at Target and Walmart well bless his heart he came back with two fleece sleepers which would be way to hot right now and he thought they were short sleeves!!! One of the outfits is a boys!! lol!

Today Lauren went back to school. I tell you what I am not sure how it is going to work out. She may miss several days till we get it all worked out. Jon took her for the first time and he drops her off and the teacher is like where is her costume?! They had their halloween party today which we knew about but nothing has ever been said to me about wearing their costumes! SO Jon came home and took her costume up there b/c I didnt want her to be the only one without a costume on. Jon was able to stay for the party and I am so glad he was able to do that with her. He forgot his phone so we didnt get any pics. Not that Jon was really awake enough to think about taking a picture though!!

Nursing is getting better. Allison still will not latch on to one side but does pretty good with the other so I just pump. Hopefully it will just keep getting better. I am feeling great! I didnt feel this good with Lauren. I had alot I wanted/needed to get done today but now I am feeling it. I seem to forget I was just cut open!!!

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