Friday, January 23, 2009

My child was THAT child everyone stares at!

Yep that is right Jon's child has been horrible today! You know everytime you go somewhere with kids around there is always that one that throws a fit and you are saying to yourself thank god that isnt my child! Today was so nice outside so I thought let's go to the park to play. I can get some excersie and Lauren can play. We get there and she was having a great time! It is truly amazing how kids just want to play and dont care who you are dont judge just get right in and play. Adults should be so much more like that. Anyway as I am sitting there watching my child it hits me she is a big girl! Running around talking up a storm it was beautiful! Then I start seeing how she is so great with the kids and wants to play and so friendly I think maybe I should look into a Mother's day out before we start pre-school this coming Aug. Then I see how she picks up what all the other kids are saying and doing...and I think hmmm maybe not so good. I know it will happen no matter what though. I then have to tell Lauren do not throw things, do not hit people. So this goes on they are playing pirates. She goes along with the group of kids off the playground area and turns out they are playing in the mud. My child no Jon's child and a little boy are the only ones that stay there and I tell her to stop and she says we are playing pirates I stand her up and tell her to go back to the playground or we will leave. This sets the bomb off! She goes limp and falls down crying saying she wants to play! So I spank her and stand her up and tell her to go play or we will leave. She does just this. But then only a few mintues later she goes under the slide with some of the kids again and they are all throwing the wood chips and dirt! I yank Lauren out and she is covered in dirt and mud! I wipe her off and tell her she is NOT to do this. To go play. She explodes and says NO I AM PLAYING PIRATES! So I tell explain to her go play or we are leaving. She then tells me she is NOT LEAVING and RUns from me!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like WHAT! So I grab the child up and spank her all the while she is screaming at the top of her lungs I AM NOT LEAVING I AM PLAYING PIRATES!! So she is kicking and screaming and I spank her and put her in the stroller and tell her we are leaving. She actually tried to get OUT of the stroller!!!!! I yanked her back in there and she screamed until I got her in the truck! Still telling me she isnt leaving she wants to play! SO we get home go eat lunch she throws a fit in there for something not a big one but at this point I have had enough! We leave and go grocery shopping. Thank goodness for the little car carts. She did fine there and I think we were both too tired to fight anymore! She also pooped her pants when we were at home for a mintue before lunch and then came home from the grocery store and had a pee accident! I swear someone has taken over my child and it is NOT good! It is only 3:00 is that too early for a drink??? I am ready for a nice hot bubble bath and a stiff drink! At least she is taking a nap right now!!!!!!!

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