Saturday, January 10, 2009

Four bowls of cereal!!!!!!

YES! My girl ate 4 bowls of cereal last night! It is such a hit or miss when she will eat. For breakfast yesterday she ate nothing. Would not touch her waffle. For lunch we were out and about so I asked her if she wanted a cheeseburger, the answer is ususally no I dont like cheeseburger but she said YES I want cheeseburger, fries, and sweet tea! So that is what she got!! She does much better eating in the truck where that is all she has to do it eat. She ate more than half of the burger! Then we got home and all bets were off. A few fries later she was done. For dinner we were getting pizza but she said she wanted cereal. So I fixed a bowl and she finished really fast she wanted more I gave her more. This just kept going on and on!!! I even waited 10 mins before I gave her the last bowl thinking it just hasnt hit her that she was full! But she ate it and drank all the milk each time also! Then she had a little pizza also! Jon and I couldnt believe it! If she is having a growth spurt which usually means she is just getting taller then I dont know what in the world we will do about pants! If she gets too much taller then all her 2t pants wont fit in length. The 3t stuff will just fall off her waist! Some of the 2t pants are like that! I was thinking of trying to start shopping for her spring/summer stuff now since I am afraid that when the new clothing law goes into effect the prices will go through the roof! But I think I better wait and see if it is a growth spurt b/c she will need more winter clothes if it is!! I swear they just grow so fast!!!

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