Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had plans for some pics...

but it didnt turn out that way! I thought I would do something different and roll my hair with the new steam rollers and do Lauren's also. So I did and it has been since Jon and I got married since I have rolled my hair and OH MY I showed him and all he did was laugh!!! It poofed out HUGE! I tried to make it work but it was just too curly! I rolled it wrong to begin with so it looked terrible! So after that I wasnt going to roll Lauren's! lol! I tried to flat iron it out but it still is so poofy! Then we go to take pics and my remote control's battery is dead so I got two ok pics and that was it! I will try again sometime soon. I thought I was going to be able to get some with Jon but he ended up being called into work.

OH so who thinks it is fair that I cook again tonight! I did cook last night and Jon didnt eat a bit of it! So I told him we needed to eat it tonight! He wasnt too happy about it! I see no reason to waste a good meal!

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