Friday, January 2, 2009

A big girl room and first hair cut!!!

Neither of us were really into pics but I had to take some anyway!

Notice her new outfit and sunglasses! She looks just like a rock star!

I still have some things to do to her room. I dont know what to put on top of her dresser drawers. Any ideas would be great!

Notice her fancy lamp! She just loves turning it on and off!!

Right after her hair cut. It was cute tucked behind her ears but you know I have to use all her many bows!! lol!

For Christmas Lauren got a big girl room. We got it all set up yesterday and I had it all cleaned today so I could take some pics of it. She loves it! She slept really well last night and wanted to get back in bed to lay there!

I took her to get her first hair cut today at Sweet and Sassy. They did a really great job! Lauren looks like such a big girl now! It looks great on her! She did really good while she was cutting it. They of course have a little tv screen so she watched Tinker Bell while she got it cut. She got watermelon spray in her hair and glitter! She also got a sucker, a glitter star on her face, and a tattoo on her hand! lol!!

4 comments: said...

Her hair looks ADORABLE & the room looks great! :)

TanyaRocks said...

I love her room! It is so cute and girly- it's great!

I love the hair cut too!

Kaycee said...

OMG I love her hair! I may be getting Camis dne soon.
Her room is seriously pretty too. great job/

Cat said...

AW! Her hair looks so great! Such a big girl! The room is TOO CUTE!