Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are naps a thing of the past?

I sure hope not but the way this week went they may be. I like to put Lauren down for a nap around 2 or 3 and she will usually sleep until I wake her up at 5. Then bedtime is 8:30. For 3 days this week Jon and I got her ready for bed and then it took us till 10 or 11 to actually get her to sleep! Trust me it has to be a joint effort! When one of us has had enough of getting up and putting her back to bed the other steps in!! lol! She will get up to go to the bathroom which is great but then she will get up to get a drink of water and my personal favorite "I need a kiss"! I like to say she got it from Jon but most kids do this I know. I might have done it if my brother wouldnt have scared the mess out of me by telling me the alligators would eat me if I got up! So the last two days she would go play in her room but not lay down to sleep. It isnt until 5 or 6 when the melt downs happen so I thought we'll see how this goes. Thrusday night she was asleep at 7:30 but she did get up at like 10 b/c of a bad dream she said. Last night I put her to bed at 8:00 and she was out! So I can't decide if I should just let her have some quite time in her room and hope for the best with a nap but at least know that when I put her bed she will stay there!!!

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