Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating!

On Thrusday Lauren had her Halloween party at school. 

mmm cookies!

Before we went to the church where Lauren goes to school for the fall festival there.  It was really nice.  They had games for the kids and Lauren really did a good job with them and had a great time!

Trying to get Alli to throw the bag in the hole.  She decided not to!! lol!

Lauren trying to get the donut. 

Before we left for trick or treating.  They ended up with alot of candy even though most people didnt have their lights on. 

Everyone stopped to look at Lauren's dress.  It really was pretty!

Just riding!

Making her way up to the door to trick or treat.  Once she got up there she didnt want to take the candy! Once she realized it went in the bag she wanted to look in the bag and make sure it stayed there!! Lauren kept going up to the door and saying her sister needed candy too!!

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