Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My birthday

My birthday was this past Monday.  I went shopping on Friday with not much luck then on saturday Jon and I went downtown for lunch and some time together.  It was a good time.  Then on Sunday my parents came over and we cooked out and had lunch.  On Monday the Girl and me just played and enjoyed the day.  My Mom took Lauren shopping for my gift and she said she knew right away she wanted to get me a snuggie!! Last year when Lauren and Jon went shopping my gift she saw one and wanted to get it then but Jon wouldnt get it.  So from last year Lauren remembered it!! So now I have a pink snuggie! Lauren actually got one also!! It was a great birthday! I meant to get some pics on Sunday but it just never happened. 

I did take the Girls to the park on tuesday and I took some pics on my phone.  I will upload at some point. 

Allison is saying more words everyday! While we were at the park she figured out how to slide down the slide by herself and when she would get to the bottom she would stand up and say AGAIN AGAIN! She is also answering me when I ask her questions.  Like do you want to go outside and she says YEAH!! She said picture, flower, bear.  It is just amazing!

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