Monday, November 15, 2010

Allison's first time to go to Chuck E Cheese

This is Allison's fake cheese smile.  Every time I pull the camera out she is making this face!

One day last week or so we were playing outside and Allison actually got on the scooter! Turns Jon has put her on it and pushed her around. 

We went to CEC last week while workers were at our house putting on a new roof.  It was so loud and we had a a free 20 tokens so we went and had lunch and played for a bit.  Allison really liked it! Lauren showing her how to do it!

On Lauren's favorite game but Allison wasnt impressed.

I didnt think I was ever going to get her off this horse!! She LOVED this one! She rode it two or three times.  When it would go off she would start moving again like it was still going. 

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