Saturday, October 30, 2010

All about Allison

Allison has started throwingfits! She will get mad b/c you take something away from her or if she can't get you to do what she wants.  She will throw herself backwards and scream!! I have finally gotten her in a good nap routine daily! Allison has also started stomping her foot! If you tell her no she will turn to you and stomp her foot! We have been playing alot in the playhouse and we pretend to eat now she will take a cup or plate or whatever and pretend she is eating and make noises like I do.  It is so cute! She is getting really attached to her blanket now.  She also will take one of her stuffed animals and carry them around the house and give them all hugs.  She now gets super excited when Jon comes home! I am going to say that Alli's first word if Hello.  She says it the most of any other word.  She said cracker last night and shoe the other day. She also shakes her head no mostly and knows it means no but if you shake your head yes she will do that but I dont think she understands it yet.  I know there is more so I will be adding to this post as I have time!!

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