Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My sweet Girls!

Well usually sweet anyway!! Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and Girls were in Lauren's room.  No big deal they do it all the time.  Then it go oddly quiet so I went to check to see what they were doing.  Lauren had gotten Allison up on her bed some how! I FREAKED out! Allison just looks at me and laughs as she crawls away from me on the bed! I scooped her up and then got on to Lauren for doing something so dangerous!

Today we went in Claires to look for Lauren a barrett for the Daddy daughter dance this friday.  Well the stroller barely fit in the store to begin with.  Allison LOVES bracelets and necklaces.  Before I knew what she was doing Alli had like necklaces on and still pulling things off the shelf!! Of course when I took them away she screamed! I swear she is going to be my girly girl! She has still been wearing some necklaces and bracelets around the house and still doing great with picking matching colors to her outfit! Today she had pulled some really cute ones!! :)

On our way home Lauren was handing Alli a goldfish crackers and each time Alli would say thank you after Lauren gave her one! It was so sweet!

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